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How to Save the Planet in 10 Easy Steps
Step 1: Decide what is truth and what not to do.
The .gov will not help, corporations will not help, grassroots political movements cannot help.
By creating more problems instead of solving any simply means more government power, more
debt and more profits for corporations. Mass political movements mean more people carrying signs,
walking around in circles, protesting, singing, wasting time and energy going no where but to jail or
the hospital or morgue. Truth is this is the land of the thieves and the home of the slaves. Washington
D.C. is like a giant masquerade ball everyone with their masks and costumes of lies, pretending
who, what, where, why they all are. It’s the great democracy ball and everyone dances to the
madness in step and time. When Mitt Romney said “corporations are people my friend”, he was wrong
on both counts. See Repo’s don’t think corporations are people, they believe corporations are
Gods and that guy who ask the question, was not his friend. Corporations are not people and
money is not speech and this is not democracy. Mass political movements do make some
limited progress with great sacrifice and toil but are soon enough rolled back by the weight
and mass corruption of the oligarchic kleptocracy, as is occurring right now.
Step 2: The old is done – find something new.
The hardest easy step is finding the new because the new is almost always unrecognizable.
It’s hard to see or describe the new, it’s easy to slander the new with our fear and nothing is
hated more by the old than the new. To create the new we should create a new story to
describe our goals and new words and ways to describe the story. How in some detail do we
create the world we want from the world we have? There is no story until we tell and retell
the story. The story needs to be nuts and bolts ideas instead of economic policy, political
change or any more of the same. I read a book awhile back “Mad like Tesla” it was about
quite a few inventors and dreamers who were working on some amazing technologies that
few people have ever heard of unless you look. They are some crazy sounding ideas like Black
Light Power System which is based on a new theory of physics or The E-Store Ultra-Capacitor a
technology that seems to have disappeared into the black world of military secrecy. There are many
other efforts by lone individuals and teams like those still working in Cold Fusion a technology
that was quickly discredited probably out of fear. There are a lot of ideas that have been smeared
and smothered and labeled crazy, perhaps so but we don’t know because, they have had no hearing and
that suggested there is something there and that’s why they are erased from discussion.
There are laws concerning national security that allow any idea to be quickly smothered if it is
judged a threat to the status quo or the powers that be. Our government is not here to help change
and make a better planet for us all but to stop that change from happening and protect the destroyers
of the future. Is it their greed or ignorance are they just plane insane or are they all of the above.
The national security state runs on nuclear, coal, oil or else. See they control the vertical and
they control the horizontal and any new technology that may challenge their power or advance
our lives is suspect and dangerous, not like the safety of nuclear, coal, oil, “the destroyer of
worlds”. There is an invention called the Bloom Box which is an improved Hydrogen Fuel Cell.
There are new types of improved Solar Panels, new ways to produce fuel from algae. Work is
proceeding in several countries on Fusion Reactors which are a very complex clean nuclear
reactors that mimic the Sun. There is the artificial leaf which is a technology trying to copy the
photosynthesis of natural leaves and use sunlight to produce energy, food, base chemicals.
There is the Newman Generator from the 80’s that was ignored and ridiculed until it faded away
but none of these ideas are gone, they are just waiting until desperation shines it’s light. When Szilard
and Einstein wrote to Roosevelt saying they could make an atomic bomb it was desperation that
got is done. There is nothing new under the sun but with new knowledge, with new discoveries come new
opportunities, possibilities and new dangers. We need the courage to get lucky. It’s much better to try and
fail than fail to try so when enough people try enough ideas, odds are better someone will find some new
way and when they do we have to be open to take a critical look and not pass by the very
answers we are seeking without a glance. If we don’t have the insight to see the vision we have
to try to enlighten ourselves and our brothers and sisters.
Step 3: Solutionation
Which is a word I invented which means we focus on solutions instead of problems, as there are
plenty of problem people that endlessly loop the problems over and over until it becomes
obvious nothing can or will be done, which then causes fear and despair which is their goal. We
need solution people not problem people. We need to find and help good people, honest,
generous, compassionate, tolerant, peaceful and just. A vast amount of time and money is
spent keeping us apart, isolated and as alone as possible, everyone in their own bubble world
because a group of dedicated, good people are a powerful thing. When that reaction happens
it is difficult to stop and if it is not stopped we may have some irreversible needed change. Change is
not just what you drop in the cup of a homeless person, change is the flowing of the entire universe
and if we are not flowing with the universe, the universe will wash us away.
In this system that we have the worst people rise to the top and the best people are culled and left
behind and when we reverse that crime and good people get together we will turn this world around
and a new day will rise. Help the good!
Step 4: The Personal Robotic Revolution.
Invention, innovation, and entrepreneurial acumen are all we have to pull up from this rapidly
descending spira, we had better improvise some wings, quickly. The inventor and futurist
from the 60’s Buckminster Fuller believed, “if you want to change things don’t confront
reality head on, create a new model that makes the old model obsolete”. We don’t need
cosmetic change or useless political change, we need Metamorphosis Change – that’s caterpillar
to butterfly change. See we are in the cocoon and “it’s up to us to set us free”. One person
awakes with a dream, when a few other dedicated people adopt that dream it becomes a
vision and when enough people see the vision then it becomes reality, sometimes. The
Personal Robotic Revolution is a dream that I am trying to make into a vision. It is an economic
revolution that is powered by us, the consumers, it’s not a violent revolution, which
is one that we would most likely lose. It is not a struggle to take the means of production, it
is how to create new means of local production and leave behind the economic and political
system of today. This planet is rushing toward implosion driven by our political-economic
system of unlimited growth and dependence on warfare, we have a vicious rapacious
system, a hypocritical parasite bleeding us all. The only questions worth asking or answering
are, what will rise up from the ashes and can we rise before the fall. When corporations use
robotics we lose our jobs, when we use robotics we lose corporations. Soon enough with
automation and robotics it will take 50% of the working people to create 100% of the products and
services we need, that would be 50% unemployment indefinitely. (The end of work)
Cooperation will beat competition baring genocide. With the PRR it will take, say 1,000 people to
produce all the products and services to care for 6,000 people, that would be 2,000 workers,
3,000 children, 1,000 older or handicapped. If everyone gives according to their capabilities
in a system that is fair, honest and just we could all live much better lives and work 6 months a
year. We would have time for our children, our relationships, ourselves, our art or other
things we love and we would have time to escape the bubble! Our economy now is designed
so that none but a few of us have time for what is most important, life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness. We are not who we are but only what we have defines us, which is as shallow
and meaningless and cheap as a life can be. I have Nike’s therefore I am. Used to be frugal was
prudent now it’s cheap, it’s still the same, it’s our view has been changed. The giant governments,
corporations and banks are in collapse, they are held up by nothing more than ignorant belief
and fear of the future, so that the future is held back, postponed indefinitely for the benefit of
the demons of capitalism. The future is already here, we just have to awaken ourselves from
this induced Madison Ave. coma! The Personal Robotic Revolution is the extension of the
Personal Computer Revolution. The PRR has been held up for about the last 30 years for
National Security reasons. The definition of National Security is tyranny.
The PRR will completely re-localize the economy, when most everything is made, bought,
sold and used in the neighborhood or rural town. There is no way to compete with a locally
organized closed-loop coop economic model but genocide. A fact the native people know well
as the assault on their way of life is on going and it is on going because it and they are still a real
legitimate threat. All the treaties the U.S. has signed and broken say one thing, Sovereign
Indian Nation and no perversion of law can erase the words and meaning of these treaties.
Sovereign the power to govern without external control.
The legitimate indigenous people’s of the world are the best hope we have to save this planet.
When we join them, right makes might. Good people cooperating together will rise above evil
people trying to tear us apart. The PRR could alter the economy in dramatic and rapid fashion.
This model is scalable to start from a city block, or an empty downtown to an urban
neighborhood or dying rural town because all we need is good people in need. Everyone is
employed in some fashion in a cooperative, mostly employee owned with health care, education,
and retirement. In a very local cooperative economy there is no expense for competition or
advertising, there is no commute to work or product shipping costs, except some raw materials.
No CEO’s or corporate executives, no too big to fail bankers and the cost of local insurance and
taxes as well could be run and paid by the Coop, if the Coop is worker and locally owned, if all of
the dead weight of greed and theft is removed and people are adequately cared for then more
peace and justice will ensue and so could end mass warfare and most crime. Fairness and
honesty brings well being and peace. If we want to shrink .gov, shrink the military, shrink the
police state and the legal system we have to create the alternatives to free and care for the
people. The Personal Robotic Revolution is possibly an alternative that deserves a critical hearing
along with the other inventive ideas here and now that also deserve to be heard. These are the
ideas that we desperately need to explore and to test, so to ignore, suppress or repress ideas is
short road to extinction.
Step 5: The Robotic Construction Model
We change the way we live by changing the way we build. We’re all inventors trying to
imagine exactly how we create the world we want form the world we have. I work on a lot of
different inventive ideas large and small, over 70. I’m mostly a paper inventor, I do have my first U.S.
Patent, “The Multi-function Construction Aid” # 6640928 www.uspto.gov This is the first
patent in my Robotic Construction Model (1998) robots to construct buildings. The RC Model is
a new way to build a new type of building using a series of construction robots. (as yet un-built)
These buildings will be far superior to today’s constructions. They would not blow down, burn down, shake
down, or wash away with very little exception. They would be energy self-sufficient, make,
collect and filter their own water. They would treat their waste and be off the grid. They,
with maintaince would last several thousand years, like the Pantheon in Rome built by Hadrian
2,000 years ago. These buildings may possibly even cost less too or cost near the price of the inferior
buildings of today. No insurance bills, or utility bills, every home is a castle. The complete
RC Model will take 14 more future patents to cover the whole process. The second generation of
this design is the ARC Model – Autonomous Robotic Construction – buildings that will build
themselves, almost. If we can build beautiful, superior buildings and dwellings, off the grid
and they cost less or near the same, people will want them and so we could fill the home or
business with everything included and those products would not come from China they would
be locally manufactured and so to if we added a number of robotic devices that could make life
much easier for us all, we could create the jobs for ourselves, working smarter, not harder,
with personal robotics we could work safer, faster and less at the same time. We could expand
PRR to create the robotic farm or ranch within a coop model. People could return to the land
or return in spring or fall to help plant or harvest. We have tended the fields or the herds for
thousands of years, to return to that natural cycle is the best healing we need and also to
eliminate the back breaking labor of farm life or ranch life that could be done by robotics systems.
We can create the best of both worlds, yesterday and tomorrow. Robotic Construction will allow us to
build faster, safer, cheaper, with fewer workers a much superior construction and scale up, so that all the
buildings on the planet now would become obsolete and so go down in value and all the TBTFail Banks
would have their Chicxulub Event. The death of this economic-political system is imminent, the
birth of the next new system is not, as birth is more difficult than death.
The PRR will or could create the new means of local production by a local small scale economy
and bring us all economic freedom. When you say this is a utopian dream, yes it sure is it’s the same
dream we have always had. The same dream we have marched and fought and crawled toward since we
learned to dream because economic slavery is just one step up from physical slavery. People
always want to say robotics, what about our jobs, well what is better getting up every day to go
to work harder or having your robot work for you while you sit around dreaming up inventions of
robots or whatever your dream. U.S. Patent law says,” If an inventor gives up enabling information
before filing for a patent they lose the right to patent”. The way you know you have a good idea
is when someone steals it. One design I work on is “The Compound Robotic Sewing Arm”, if your
robot could sew why would you need WallyWorld and China for apparel. Personal Robotics could
bring back manufacturing and production to every neighborhood. The 3-D Printer is a good
example to start. In a smaller closed loop local economy that is able to produce most all of the
goods and services we need, the money stays home. Cost is a relative illusion, our economy
could use monopoly money or say nothing costs more than a dollar and we use pennies and
change to purchase happiness or we use our own new bitcoin. Don’t mind that man behind the
curtain running this smoke and fire expletive economy because “Toto we’re not in Kansas
anymore”. We want a local cooperative economy based on fairness and justice, as opposed to
a global vicious competitive corporate economy based on war. Y-war? The rapacious greed of
the oligarchic kleptocracy, a government of thieves run by a powerful few must and will end,
one way or another is it a dystopian or utopian future? “It’s up to us to set us free”.
We change the way we live by changing the way we build. www.roboticconstruction.com
I put this web site up about 8 years ago, I want to update it soon but I forgot how?
Step 6: The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller (1977)
My oldest inventive design comes from my oilfield days doing very dangerous work Hydraulic
Snubbing. The Hydraulic Jack Robot Driller for Control Blowout Drilling of Geo-Thermal Wells is
the design of a much smaller compact drilling robot with advanced capabilities that could cut the
economic and environmental cost of drilling so that Geo-Thermal power is viable and would be
much superior economically and environmentally to our planet killing energy system of oil, coal,
nuclear power. Nikola Tesla said about a 100 years ago “All that is necessary is to find a cheap
way to poke holes in the ground to reach Geo-Thermal Energy”. near quote?
Getting off of our dependence on oil, coal, nuclear power may sound impossible, like when
President Kennedy said we would go to the moon in ten years, sounded impossible but we did
it and we could do so again. Geo-Thermal Power is when you drill to use the heat of the earth
to create steam or other medium to produce electricity at the well head or near by. You drill a
Geo-Thermal well and you have power for the neighborhood. If we drilled Geo-Thermal wells
all along the Interstate Highway we would have the electric highway. Where Hydrogen Fuel-
Cell Cars could recharge in route. There are some new cheaper ways to crack water into
oxygen and hydrogen and so use the hydrogen for local driving. The Fuel
Cell uses Hydrogen to charge the battery and water is the exhaust. Solar, Wind, Geo-
Thermal Power could replace oil, coal, nuclear in ten years, also there are thousands of old
oil wells plugged and abandoned that could be re-drilled and designed into Geo-Thermal
wells. Everything we need to create the world we want from the world we have is here now
or very near, we need a new holistic, synergistic model to make the present model more
obviously obsolete. The best time for revolutionary ideas to come along is when the
barbarians are at the gate, that is the time when the fear of the external threat is greater than
the fear of overthrowing the internal order. Great change comes either way but it is better if
change happens by us instead of to us. People say they want change but when change shows
up most all slam the door. We fear what we don’t know and there are a lot of people who
don’t know they are not smart enough know they don’t know. There are also a lot of other
people working on a lot of solutions that are just being ignored, suppressed, or repressed by a
powerful few, who are so vested in the profits of the status quo of their insanity, they are
risking the future of the planet for this quarters profit statement. Still there is no government
or corporation or billionaire, in the end that has the power to stop this chance for change, the
only real power that can stop us is you!
Step 7: The Sub-Lateral Liner (1999)
Is a way to place a thick impervious liner under an existing hazardous waste site, sealing it
form beneath indefinitely. The Fukushima nuclear accident is flushing highly radioactive water
into the Pacific Ocean, you would think someone may take a look at new ideas that might
solve our problems, nope. This is an economic way to isolate the thousands of hazardous waste
sites all across the country and the world that leach poison into our aquifers, rivers, lakes and
oceans, polluting the very waters we need to survive. We cannot continue to pollute the
entire planetary environment and not have dire consequences to deal with because we are
already suffering those consequences right now, it will only get worse until it gets worser.
In the last mass extinction, the Younger-Dryas about 12,000 years ago a large number of
large animals didn’t survive, the Cave Bear went extinct a 12 ft tall several thousand pound carnivore,
so big and bad didn’t help then and it likely won’t help in the future. Some believe we are already in
the midst of the next mass extinction, that is happening now and we are the mass.
Step 8: Male Birth Control:
Women are biologically driven to give birth, men not so much, we are driven to chase
women, if men had an easy to use, comfortable, convenient form of birth control the
population would drop and unwanted pregnancy would end. We need that to happen, there
will very likely be a lot fewer people some day, maybe soon, one way or another. That will or
could happen with a dire population collapse or possibly a much more orderly population
reversal by smaller or one child families. There is no longer any good reason for having large
families except ignorance.
Step 9: Education and Health Care for All
The worst of capitalism is it’s rapacious nature and that all things have some monetary value or
they don’t and what is deemed no value is discarded onto the heap of refuse, weather it is
people, places, animals, or things. The complex natural systems that sustain life on our
planet have many intricate parts that cause and allow the functioning of the whole web
of life and our actions are destroying these parts and pieces of the design that cannot be
replaced. These systems are inter-dependant and we as yet do not know all the parts or how
they work. We have learned how to destroy the world but have not learned how to create and
sustain our world. What we sustain is a soul-less system built on destruction, repression, and
slavery in one form or another. There are a lot of people in our country that will claim
American Exceptionalism that we are special and superior but Cuba has health care for all, it’s
not great care because of our the 50 year embargo against them. We invade their country, try
to over throw their government, assassinate their leaders, and starve their economy into submission.
They retaliate by giving health care to everyone in their country. The reason Cuba can supply
health care to all in their country and send Doctors all over the world is free education for all.
For our education system to be a life long adventure instead of a for profit wholesale scam is a
critical debate here. That it even is a debate is positive proof of system wide failure and what
more proof is needed than the election, that this political system, economic system, and entire
government is awful, absurd, patently ridiculous and expletive deleted.
Step 10: Cut the Military – Industrial Convicts
War is a gang fight between bankers and the secret definition of national security is treason!
Our government has unconstitutional secret wars, secret laws, secret courts and secret prisons
the government needs absolute secrecy to keep us free and safe from enemies. The
government needs to spy on everyone for our own good. That’s the lie, the real secret is the
enemies are us. “We the people” are the enemy of the government and war is it’s friend.
“When any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people
to alter or abolish it”.
Do we need atomic weapons capable of world wide destruction 20 times over, can’t we do
with just destroying the planet once. Large scale warfare came about shortly after the
invention and organization of civilization. Through civilization came some abundance, so
too weapons and war to steal that abundance. Warfare and weapons have advanced for 5,000
years so that the weapons of today are suicidal, genocidal weapons if ever used. If we cannot
create the alternative peaceful way forward we will surly de-evolve and bomb ourselves back to
sticks and stones or worse. If we are unable or unwilling to dismantle this house of war and
rebuild a home of peace we will surly burn it down around us. Escaping the petro economy is
our survival. The petro economy started right here in Southeast TX with the Lucas Gusher in 1901.
That was the first time anyone drilled into a high pressure zone. In Pennsylvania or Ohio when
Rockefeller drilled, a good oil well was 80 or 100 barrels a day. The Lucas Gusher was 100,000+
barrels a day. Oil was soon discovered in other places in large amounts, the amount is what
made the world and our wars possible to this day. All of the Refineries and Petro Chemical
Plants here are here because of the oil strike. Port Arthur and Sabine Lake are 10 miles southeast
from Spindle top, the little hill where the Lucas well was drilled.
The first pipeline to Port Arthur was made from hollowed out cypress trees. Port Arthur and Sabine
Lake at that time was a resort community with a rail line and grand hotel. The lake was pristine clear
water, white sandy beaches, and beautiful but with mosquitoes. Once the Lucas Gusher happened
all of that was washed away in a flood of oil. The oil brought large corporations and
constructions projects of refineries and petro chemical plants that are still happening to this
day. During the worst of the great recession of 2008 there were 5,000 + jobs at the Motiva
Refinery in Port Arthur which was also the destination of the Trans-Canada tar sands pipeline.
Most all of the pipelines in the country come right here. These are good jobs and a good life for the
times but they have completely destroyed the area’s environment. The air and the flairs stacks actually get
worse when Repo’s are in the House. In the 60’s and 70’s when the air smelled really bad, like
rotten eggs and if you complain about it someone would say “smells like money”. The bayou’s and
rivers wind back and forth and filter the water, but ship channel wide and straight flowed polluted mud
directly into the lake and that mud is still there. Large scale open dumping on operations were everywhere
on land, bayou, river, lake and the Gulf of Mexico this dumping has left possibly the most polluted place in the
country, throw in Baytown and Lake Charles and make it the world. You want to see what oil
dun brung us. Check out Port Arthur a place that could pass for a third world city, anyone who
could move did but the surrounding area seems better but is just as bad. Port Arthur Is surrounded
by the largest refineries in the country, put the area all together and make it the world. The city limits go all around
the refineries but they are Free Trade Zones with their own corporate laws. There is a large
industrial incinerator just out of town that burns the worst of the worst. Mexico sends it’s
dioxin here to be burned as it’s too toxic for Mexico to burn. It’s cheaper in Bhopal, well it’s
pretty cheap in Port Arthur too we’ll send it there.
Since life has arisen on this planet 3+billion years ago, nature has had one overriding
law of life, those who do not evolve and adapt to an ever changing environment face
eminent extinction. We are the form of life now rapidly destroying the planetary environment
that we and all life depend on. We believe somehow that we are at the top of the
evolutionary tree, if so then why are we cutting it down. Foolishness plus luck equals
wisdom. We have the foolishness down, so far we have the luck, now it’s just an easy step…
The Messenger
I don’t know where I’m going,  I just know I am bound to leave since I’ve come to be knowing truth is just the lie you believe
The messenger fears maybe he’s going to die but still tells them the truth instead of a lie
For the truth stands alone back against the wall the truth stands alone until the truth falls
The truth stands alone above the cowering horde the truth stands alone facing the sword
The truth hangs alone by the knot of the noose were it not so it wouldn’t be truth
The truth is a rainbow just pick a color and when the truth changes just pick another
The truth rises quickly like the break of the dawn then just as quickly the truth’s come and gone
The truth believes brightly like the fires of the youth were it not so it wouldn’t be truth
copyright 12- 2016 H. J. Ridley, Jr.
Hal J. Ridley, Jr.
P.O. Box 1277 Bridge City, TX 77611
Hal J. Ridley, Jr.
Independent Inventor

I used to be a structural Ironworker in IW Local # 125 in Beaumont,TX. I am now an independent inventor among other interests. I work designing the “Robotic Construction Model”. I believe most all of our problems are in fact just one problem, how we live. To change the way we live, we change the way we build. Robotic Construction Model is a new way to build, a new type of building, using a series of Construction Robots that I have invented. On 11-04-03 I was granted my first US patent, the “Multi-Function Construction Aid” # 6640928.  To cover the whole RC Model will take 14 more patents. Buckminster Fuller said ” If you want to change things don’t confront reality head on, create a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” RC Model will do just that using a series of construction robots (loosely defined, as yet un-built) we will build much faster, safer, stronger, and cheaper, so cheap that we could add several energy systems, constructing an energy self-sufficient building, still less expensive than today’s construction methods. We would also be able to subsides sequestering the CO2 from the process of making concrete. These buildings would not blow down, shake down, burn downor wash away with very little exception.  We could build structures that make their own power, Renewable, make their own fuel, Hydrogen, make and filter their own water and treat their waste water, all off the grid. The way we live today has by-products, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Pollution, Radioactive Waste, and Oil Wars.  RC Model will have by-products as well they will be Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water. RC Model is not just a new way to build it will be a new way to live. RC Model will bring together a wide variety of technologies in one synergistic whole such as Dr. Mills “Blacklight Power” and “Nano Solar” out of Palo Alto. I believe Robotic Construction Model is likely the only way to change how we live fast enough to make a difference. Al Gore says we may have ten or twenty years to try to stop Dramatic Climate Change and hopefully reverse Global Warming. If that chance is one in two, or one in ten, or one in a hundred something still must be done. This is the way to start making those changes. 

You should investigate my work and seriously consider what I am trying to do, as most all of us are trying to do the same thing, make a better world for ourselves, our families, our children and the generations to come. I cannot give you the vision to see what I say is true, but if you give me the chance I can likely prove I am right about what I say. We can do this, build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet. There are many solutions to help solve our problems, as you well know the great majority of them cost more. This is a way to put them all together and still make them cost less. “The Multi-Function Construction Aid” is my first patent it is, or will be a piece of construction equipment that will fit together in several different ways to do a variety of jobs on the construction site. It will be a Free Standing Mobile Safety Ladder, or a Man-lift, a Gantry Crane, a Tower Crane, a Rail Crane, a Scaffold System, a Material Elevator, or a Two Way Personnel Elevator as well as several other functions. To view my patent on-line go to the US Patent Office web site www.uspto.gov  click: Search, click: Quick Search, click: Issued Patents, click: Pat Num, enter 6640928.  If the patent drawings will not come up on your computer go back, find “How to View Images” download a free reader program from the Patent Office. The control buttons to advance through the drawings are upper middle of the page on the left. The drawings that I have made now have some obvious improvements over my patent drawings.
With new ideas it is difficult to get a hearing, it’s difficult to get someone or anyone to listen. Most people are not willing to risk taking a chance on a new way in the future when the old way is here now, but the way we do things now is broken.
Over and over throughout history it is proven those who hesitate to innovate are left behind. You should give me a chance, hear what I have to say, give me a call or e-mail.  I am not really asking you for anything as I am the one with something to give. One person awakes from a dream, when three and more people adopt that dream it becomes a vision when enough people see that vision it becomes reality, sometimes. This is my vision, you should make it yours too.
We have our first patent  The Multi-function Construction Aid
www.uspto.gov patent #6640928
Future patents are confidential proprietary intellectual property.
An inventor cannot give up enabling information on an invention
before applying for a patent or he or she looses the right to patent.
To give up enabling information before filing for a patent
he or she must have a Confidential  Secrecy Agreement Signed
by the party that such information is being shared with.
U.S. Patent Law
 We can do this, build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet.