Ideas can be very powerful.  They don’t even have to be true, they just have to be
believed. People will live and die and kill for a comic book, if they believe it is true.
Here are some ideas that are probably wrong but that’s the thing with ideas. It’s
hard to know which ones to believe.
A) If the legend of Atlantis is true which is a stretch to begin with, it will be discovered
on the west side of Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands. It wasn’t the continent
that sank but the Island Temple when a volcanic eruption and land slide caused the
lake to swallow the island and the Priests with the knowledge maybe.
B) Oil and Natural Gas are not fossil fuels like coal.  Oil and Natural Gas are the
by-product of no going life that resides deep below the surface of the earth and
early life on the planet was and is extruded from below the surface.
C) Enkidu in the story of Gilgamesh was the inventor of Civilization. He may
have thought up the idea of bring together all of the different parts of human
technologies that were scattered around the ancient world at that
time together into one idea.  Religion, Agriculture, Farming and Livestock,
Irrigation, Permanent Towns, Writing, Mathematics, Accounting, Government,
Money, Law, Taxes, Standing Armies. All of these things came together in
Ancient Summer in Ur, from Pot Belly Hill in Turkey, Napa Playa in Southern Egypt,
Mahabharata in India, Tiwanaku in Bolivia, Caral in Peru, Dongshan in China
or maybe Atlantis in Guatemala ?
 D)Spring Theory it’s a P not a T Space-Time & Energy-Matter:
Some ideas cannot be shown to be true or false then there is no way to even know. Then you just think yourself into an unending repeating circle, round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows. In subatomic particle physics there is String Theory, I don’t really understand it and I don’t know if anyone does, but supposedly the smallest parts in the Universe are vibrating strings of energy or something like that I guess.  Subatomic Physics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics theories are so freaky and bizarre that you might not have to be a Physicist to think about them, you may just have to be freaky and bizarre. So String Theory should be Spring Theory it’s a P not a T. Some old Chinese Philosopher maybe Lao Tzu said “As above so below” meaning the Universe on the giant scale is modeled the same as the Universe on the smallest scale. If such is the case we have Black Holes, Spiral Galaxies, Quasars, Pulsars and our Solar System.  We have Cyclonic Storms, Hurricanes and Tornado’s, we have the water flowing down the drain in your bathtub, we have sea shells, the Cornucopia, we have the double helix of DNA and atoms and electrons orbiting the nucleolus, all in the shape of springs, so therefore we have Spring Theory, all across the Universe of Physics.  Physics look for symmetry in the Universe, one side is a mirror image of the opposite side, gravity and antigravity, Matter and Anti-matter, Quarks and anti-quarks or whatever, your face one side looks like the other side, hopefully, our bodies and so on.  Now there is no symmetry in the Big Bang, it just all comes out of some tiny point to expand into the known Universe. It wasn’t there then bang it was there. The idea of symmetry in the Big Bang should be somehow. So the “time circuit idea” is where on our side of the universe time flows relatively forward and on the back side of the universe time flows backwards. The big bang is the power source, each moment in time is the light bulb shinning and the ground is the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way which is the Circuit back to the Big Bang. Every Black Hole acts by ingesting and compressing space-time and energy-matter down and crushing it beyond space-time and extruding it back in time to emerge as the Big Bang.  Where micro space and macro space are tangent, beyond space is the back side of the time circuit where all history un-happens at once until it emerges again as the Big Bang.  If you imagine growing larger and larger to infinity and at the same time growing smaller and smaller to infinity, then you imagine that macro space-time is curved and micro space-time is curved and space-time is finite then maybe macro space- time and micro space-time are tangent, they meet, they cross, they are the same outside of space-time. If macro space is expanding and micro space is contracting, then time is expanding and contracting forward and backward simultaneously somehow. Space-time, and energy-matter escape from the Big Bang out into macro-space and S-T&E-M are ingested in all of the total sum of the Black Holes in the Universe and are extruded beyond micro space-time and ejected back in time to produce the Big Band. S-T&E-M flow two ways and act as a circuit and a un-circuit simultaneously emerging from the B- B into macro S-T and returning through the B-H into Un-Space and Back-time. True or False? 
Right or Wrong ideas are free.