“Necessity is the Mother of invention” Plato.  The necessity today is to invent a completely new way to live.  All of the changes that we desperately need to make are here or near here already. What we need is a way to put all of the parts and pieces together in a new holistic or synergistic way.  The way to that way I believe is through invention and innovation.  I think it was Buckminster Fuller who said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality head on. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete”.  It is the economy, and the economy is the way we all live and how we feel about the way we live.  Because we are all living beyond our means on borrowed time and money and all of us who want to know it do know it we are spiraling into depression. To create a new way to live, a new economy is not as difficult as it seems. The best ideas are simple that’s what makes them great ideas. First we redesign a small rural town or village economy that becomes the new model then you redesign an urban neighborhood economy, after that its model replication.  One single virus was able to mutate and through replication cause the Black Death altering world history.  Then one man can come up with the idea of antibiotics and inspire a small group of people to alter world history.  “It’s up to us to set us free”. It is already well beyond the time to focus intensely on possible solutions, to investigate and propagate answers to the problems. I believe that is where we as a whole are failing and if we implode, that will be the final cause, “A complete failure of imagination”. That is the real problem that we now face. We are beyond investigating the problems, protesting, ranting and raving to the wall, it is the possible answers and likely solutions that deserve our complete focus. “Almost every problem is just a solution in disguise.” So finding the people who believe they have a solution, finding out if they are right, then helping them to be heard is the best way, to the best chance, to the best solution. We could build structures that make their own power, Renewable, make their own fuel, Hydrogen, make and filter their own water and treat their waste water, all off the grid. The way we live today has by-products, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Pollution, Radioactive Waste, and Oil Wars.  RC Model will have by-products as well they will be Oxygen, Hydrogen and Water. RC Model is not just a new way to build it will be a new way to live. I believe Robotic Construction Model is likely one of the few ways to change how we live fast enough to make a difference. Al Gore, Lester Brown, Bill McKibben, James Hansen all says we may have ten or twenty years to take some drastic steps to stop Dramatic Climate Change and hopefully reverse Global Warming. If that chance is one in two, or one in ten, or one in a hundred something still must be done. This is the way to start making those changes. You should seriously consider what I am trying to do, as most all of us are trying to do the same thing, make a better world for ourselves, our families, our children and the generations to come. I cannot give you the vision to see what I say is true, but if you give me the chance I can very likely prove I am right about what I say. We can do this; build the first Robotically Constructed dwelling on the planet. There are many solutions to help solve our problems, as you well know the great majority of them cost more. This is a way to put them all together and still make them cost less.