No proto-type has yet been built.  The MF- Construction Aid will be several pieces of Construction Equipment that will fit together in several different ways to do most all of the jobs on a medium to large construction site at one time or another.   It will be a Free Standing Safety Ladder, A Manlift, A Gantry Crane, A Rail Crane, A Tower Crane, A Scaffold System and several other embodiments.  This is the first step in my Robotic Construction Model. The MF- Construction Aid will allow the erecting of today’s conventional buildings much faster, safer, cheaper and with fewer workers.  This process will allow under biding of construction projects.  The competition in Construction Projects is crowded.  Successful Invention and Innovation is the way to outpace the competition in any field.   The last truly revolutionary innovation in construction was going from the rivet to the high strength bolt, with a few exceptions.  We need to change the way we live, to do that quickly we need to change the way we build. The Robotic Construction Model and the next generation ARC Model (Autonomous Robotic Construction) are together a large revolutionary vision, too large for most people to grasp but the MF-Construction Aid is not that great a leap, it’s not that difficult to see.  You reduce your moves, you shorten your moves, and you make safer and smarter moves.  E-Mail or give me a call and I’ll explain a little about my work without giving up enabling information.  The drawings I have now have several obvious improvements over my patent drawings, as patent drawings do not show best mode.


New Ideas are difficult, they tend to replace old Ideas that have powerful vested interests but when the fear of the barbarians at the gate is more powerful than the fear of over throwing the internal order then dramatic change can and will happen, one way or another.