If we could construct beautiful buildings and dwellings much faster, safer, cheaper, much stronger than we do today.  If we could make them energy self-sufficient, if they needed very little insurance, if they were filled with a variety of robotic devices to take care of the inhabitants and the homes, or buildings, if they grew and raised a fair portion of their own food, then people would want them.  If people wanted them then everything that comes with the structure would be sold together in one unit like Frank Lloyd Wright did, all American Made.  The Furnishings, Communication systems, Entertainment systems, and a variety of robotic systems would take care of the building, the garden, the animals, the daily chores, the laundry, heating and serving food and cleaning up the mess.  The home would become the job as well.  For example I have some drawings of a invention I am working on, a computerized loom with a compound robotic sewing arm. If your robot could sew why would you need Wal-Mart and China for apparel. Robotic Construction will bring on the Personal Consumer Robotics Revolution.  Home or Neighborhood Robotics will free us from the Corporate Model.  Personal Consumer Robotics will put the means of most production of the things we need in the hands of the people in the neighborhood. The only way to end the Rapacious Corporate Economy is to take away their customers one at a time or one hundred at a time.  Personal Consumer Robotics will allow one hundreds workers to produce nearly everything they need by working six months out of the year.  Almost One hundred % of the products and services we need could be produced by Fifty% of the people.  (The End of Work)
This is a time of Positive Desperation when anyone who wants to see can see not only does the emperor have no clothes he isn’t even the emperor.  The President, the Fed Chairman, and the Treasury Secretary are all trying to instill confidence in the financial system and markets, only thing is this financial system deserves no confidence.
What kind of fool would have confidence in house of cards already fallen.
It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, when Toto pulls back the curtain on the Wizard who is at the controls of the Fearful, Flaming, Ranting, False Wizard of Illusion and says “Don’t mind that man behind the curtain”. Once the curtain is open it cannot be closed again.  We who have a free mind cannot unknown the truth we have seen. It’s Chicxulub time for these Corporate Dinosaurs. The question is what rises up out of the ashes. Robotic Construction is the idea’s idea because it will allow a host of good ideas to be put together in one Holistic or Synergistic Whole.
A new Green way to live is what we all need. This is the way to that way.
Solving a problem may be difficult but getting people to believe in the solution is almost impossible.  The old saying goes “If it’s sounds too good to be true it probably is”.  It does not say if it sounds too good to be true it never is, sometimes on rare occasions it sounds too good to be true but it is true and no one will believe because it sounds too good to be true.  Robotic Construction Model is true and it the way to quickly move into the future if we are to have a future.