Generally most people reject abrupt change. In Society, in Government. in Business, or Science.
When Galileo said the Earth orbited the sun he was arrested. Over half of America today does not believe in Darwin’s idea of evolution after over 150 years, and even though the Human Genome is mapped, animals are cloned and we are eating genetically modified food (GMO). The idea of a meteorite causing the extinction of the dinosaurs was rejected, the idea of plate tectonics and continental drift was rejected, the idea of abrupt climate change and global warming has been rejected by many. In these cases and many more like them the majority opinion was absolutely wrong until over whelming evidence was presented and sometimes that was still not enough. New ideas are always rejected because they tend to replace old ideas that have powerful vested interests. People are conditioned to believe what makes them comfortable and reject what makes them uncomfortable.
We reject the truth because the truth is hard and we accept a lie because it’s easy.
The truth does not care who believes or denies it.
The truth will stand alone among a mob of cowering liars.